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  • Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS is one of the most anticipated games for the Nintendo 3DS this year! The Nintendudes bring you a comprehensive review of the game
  • Nick grinds, hangs, swings and shoots his way through hordes of the O.D. in Insomniac Games' latest release, Sunset Overdrive.
  • Bridget checks out the muddy, desolate wasteland that stretches out before you in Warner Bros Interactive game, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • The Witch is back in Bayonetta 2!
  • The Latest issue of Gametraders Live Magazine is out! In this issue, we focus on all things Nintendo, including a look at how their consoles have evolved over the years, the top 5 Nintendo characters, best and worst Pokémon, and more.
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Grand Theft Auto V (Next Gen)

Welcome back to Los Santos. We missed you last time…but our aim is getting better. Yes, Grand Theft Auto V has at last arrived on the current generation consoles, over a year after we...

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Far Cry 4

“Did I ever tell you…the definition of insanity? Insanity…is walking out of the safehouse in Far Cry without a weapon.” Welcome to Kyrat. A beautiful little country high in the Himalayas, and the setting...

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Alienware Graphics Amplifier

The Alienware Graphics Amplifier can be purchased by itself or alongside the Alienware 13 for $349, and users will have their choice of desktop graphics cards from both AMD and NVIDIA as options when...

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Alienware 13 Laptop

The Alienware 13 is the best of both world – a high performance gaming experience with exceptional mobility, vivid display technology but with the smallest form factor laptop available. Thinner than its predecessor but...

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Alienware Alpha Console

The Alienware Alpha Console, specifically designed around Valve’s Steam Big-Picture mode, will ship with an Xbox 360 controller included, and through a custom software interface exclusive to Alienware, is designed to be navigated easily...

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Sonic Highways – Foo Fighters

Eight tracks recorded in eight different cities across America – it’s an insane but brilliant idea (if it succeeds) and could only be envisioned by none other than the Foo Fighters celebrating their 20-year...

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Hot new ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ trailer!

Responding to the demands of fans eager to secure tickets to the first sessions of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, Universal Pictures has taken the unprecedented step of opening the box office 3 months ahead...