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  1. PerfectionShaun

    The flares are Red/Orange

  2. mikepattonfan

    The flares shot in the trailer are either red or orange… Hard to tell with my cruddy monitor.

  3. GMCamulos

    Flares are Red, though with it not being full night they do appear orange, even on a REALLY nice monitor 😉

  4. austieb7

    The flares are red!

  5. kristen mcclary

    i think the flares look mostly red

  6. Melissa O.

    We love Godzilla here. My kids have seen nearly every movie ever made (yes even the, very old Japanese dubs). The flares are red and this movie looks so much better than the Matthew Broderick one.

  7. ThatPCGuy


  8. lorenzo reyes

    its like a red orange

  9. Jebus05

    I’m gonna have to lock in Red!

  10. jody buhagiar

    RED / ORANGE!!!

    1. jody buhagiar

      Thanks Tutts 😀

  11. littleorange

    they are red

  12. Rudy Gonzales

    Red flares

  13. jayson

    The flares are red.

  14. hadil b


  15. arlandria


  16. katrina3


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