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Why We Need Another Hunter: The Reckoning

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  1. Jon

    Am I the ONLY other ONE!?! I would pre-pre-order, I would by WHATEVER the new box is, I would sell a kid [I mean kidney], in short I would pay A LOT to play Father. One. More. Time.
    This is one of the first game my kids and I play together, it mite not have been age appropriate at the time. They are, on the surface, well adjusted adults now. We finally beat the play ground bully after many, many tries at about 3 am one Sunday, we all cheered, ran upstairs, ate and drank stuff that was bad for us and went to bed. Good stuff. Good memories. In short someone tell White Wolf there are at least two faithful left that will Gladly Pay.

    Thanx for the memory jogger,
    Sgt Mac

  2. Avitalpanda

    i love this game they have to make another one!!!!

  3. Josh mckay

    Make that three.i would love another one

    1. Nick Getley

      One day, when people realise most of the games released now are sub-par, we shall have another.

  4. Spencer Duece Wyatt

    I’ve been wanting then to remake this for so long..Hunter: The Reckoning is to this day one of my all time favorite games. The original one on the GameCube in particular, I endedup getting Wayward a few years later and playing it quite a bit..never got to own Redeemer. If they remade the first one I’d be sooooo fucking happy.

    1. Michael

      The original one was released on Xbox, the GameCube version came later. I owned all 3 systems but only owned the original Xbox game and Redeemer, since I was furious at Sony for making the world’s crappiest graphics chip ever (ps2) I refused to buy another ps2 game that had a version on Xbox. Anyway, I loved those 2 Hunter games and would love to see a new one on Xbox one.

  5. Deanna

    Remake all of them for the newer game consolel and a new one. I’ve been wishing for years 😩

  6. danny

    Kickstart one! I love this game! played it last night!

  7. Brandon

    I’m a HUGE HUGE fan of White Wolf. Back in 02 this game blew me away on game cube loved it. Didn’t know anything about the lore or the back story or nothing. BUT then Bloodlines came out. hands down still one of my all time favorite RPG’s of all time. And that is up there with fallout 2 for me. Just this year honestly I got into table top RPG’s and the World of Darkness is my world for it. There is suppose to be a new Werewolf apoc game coming to PC I heard White wolf and HBO are working together to plan a TV series in the future now. So there is a lot of mumbling and rumblings going on within this world we all are fans of. I’d love to see a TV series done with the Wolves the vampires and the hunters all in the series done in like a game of thrones kinda idea. Where each side has about the same amount of screen time and build to them. And just start building that huge deep lore. I’d LOVE that so so much.

    1. Hope Corrigan

      Bloodlines is one of my all time favourite games <3 WOD is such a great universe and I'd love to see more things come from it, especially for gaming. Did you hear about the MMO that was being made by the EVE guys? I'd been following that for years and pretty much cried when it eventually got binned.

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