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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Official Launch Trailer Revealed

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  1. JugoZ

    After making in cooperation with Deck13 Lord of the Fallen they decide to put classes into this game. It could be a good move. A great move is to open the world, make a non linear paths and put gadges into action. Graphics looks very good and im waiting for more.

  2. Hentiks

    Open world on Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will be great move and something what CI Games don’t try before. I hope they do it well. For me this game looks great on the trailers and who knows how good it will be in the release date.

  3. Viles

    I agree. Open world was neer tested in CI Games productions. This will be first. Im little aware of this step, but that same was with Far Cry. And now? Everybody know what Far Cry is and now they must learn what Sniper Ghost Warrior is. The new formula can unite fans of those two games in one unity. Cant wait to play this game.

  4. herosmagica

    Yeah, this game looks sooooo good ^^ I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be one of the best FPS in 2017. Trailer shows how much has been chnged since last year’s gameplays and even more since SGW2.

  5. nolenole

    Looks OK, but let’s keep our asses cool 😉 You know, sometimes games look unbelievable in trailers, we think ‘omg it’s so freaking sweet’ and then we buy it and play some crap. I don’t think it’s gonna be same scenario this time, but when I play it, I’ll have my opinion.

  6. hadesson

    for sure it will be something new, new experience in sniper game, open world , you choose what you want to play, it will be simple, and complicated at the same time ! I really want to play it soon, hope that they finish it , with all solutions that they think to put in this game !

  7. Morales

    CI Games is known from Sniper Ghost Warrior series, but due the too easy and short gameplay they decide to surprise players with a big change. They rebuild whole formule and we can see that this will be one of the best upcomming games in next year. SGW3 will be big return of CI Games on the podium.

  8. Rifek

    I think it looks great ! I don’t really want to watch to many gameplays but recently I have seen a few on YT. Those are all alpha gameplays and the game is going to be a masterpiece!

  9. Red Goblin

    This is just a lunch trailer and it makes so many positive vibrations. On YT more materials can be found. Most of them are showing some mission form Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and we can see new features in action.

    1. hadesson

      yeah i found on youtube great gameplay, pitty it’s only a aplha version, but still is amazing!!

      1. Evermin

        I have to agree that gameplays look good. I just don’t expect to much from this game because 2nd part disappointed me a bit. SGW 1 was OK though. I hope CI Games will make this game good enough to compete with SE 4

        1. Masa

          Oh I am sure it will compete with SE. Have you seen a new trailer for SE4?? There is nothing new in that game! Maybe SGW 2 wasn’t that good, but CI games have learned their lesson and I am sure this one will be great

  10. Indmas

    This trailer looks just amazing. Well, its not a trailer, its pure gameplay movie. I recive many answers about Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and hope that this little glitches will be fixed in final release.

  11. hadesson

    argument that on SE4 trailer we have seen nothing new is not a huge argument. big advantage S4 is good graphic and optimisation, and new is an massive levels, that is great. But good or best thing is that SGW3 is comparing to SE4. That show us this game might to be AAA.

    1. Funky Ball

      You heave right. Comaring to SE4 is a advantage of SGW3. Many players takes this two games, becouse those games telling stories about lone wolfs. Each of this game makes this on its way. One is more action TPp and another more simulator FPS. With every title we will have fun. One is just upgrade of previous part and another is little revolution in series. Every one will find something for thyself.

  12. ParryHotter

    This new clip made for TwitchCon is very good. CI Games made trailer that much better than reveal trailer and has music. And this is important. Many of us will return just to hear background track or for good views. Which are in this trailer in a big amount.

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