Sleepy Hollow - S1, Ep 2

Sleepy Hollow - S1, Ep 2

Show: Sleepy Hollow

Episode: 1x02

Aired: 24/09/2013

Channel: 9:30pm, Tuesday, Channel Ten


The Set-Up

This episode opened with Ichabod Crane in the midst of a nightmare, chased by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. His wife, the witch trapped between the worlds, shows up to quickly reiterate the show’s mythology that had been introduced during the first episode and cryptically give Ichabod information about a new threat. He awakens in a hotel room, peppered with post-it notes from Abbie about how everything works. When he tries to leave the room to inform his new partner of this information, he is told by the Officer outside his door that he must wait for her to arrive instead. Once she does eventually arrive, after being dressed down by her superior (who is named Irving in reference to Washington Irving, a fact that I missed last episode), the episode really kicks into gear.



The Episode

This episode dealt with an evil witch that had been resurrected from her grave by the undead form of John Cho’s character (Dunn), who had died in the previous episode. Ichabod had encountered this witch before, back during the Revolutionary War, and his wife, Katrina, had been one of the witches that had subdued her (unbeknownst to him). To fully re-enter the world, this powerful member of the dark coven had to kill the descendants of the man who had ordered her burned at the stake. Abbie and Ichabod had to figure out who her next victim would be in order to stop her in time.


The Good

This episode did an excellent job of balancing horror, humour and character moments. The scene in which Dunn awakens in the morgue was one of the most unsettling things I have seen on TV in a long time. There were plenty of one-liners and humorous moments to balance out the horror, including Ichabod’s fury at a 10% tax on baked goods. It was also good to see Clancy Brown return in Abbie’s flashbacks, allowing her some really emotional character moments. The development of the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie is terrific, as they genuinely respect each other, even as they are frustrating each other with their bantering.


Also, the new title sequence is atmospheric and effective.


The Bad

While overall I really enjoyed this episode, there were a few elements that annoyed me. Dunn, having returned from the dead, spends the entire episode acting removed from the proceedings, setting up people’s death and closing himself off emotionally from the repercussions. Since in the first episode he was a willing servant, why would he suddenly start regretting what his actions had wrought? Obviously he was doing these things out of fear of the demon that we saw in the mirror at the end of the previous episode, the same one that brought him back from the dead, so why was he then unafraid to sass the powerful lady witch at the end? Especially since he had previously seemed afraid of her. Maybe I missed something, but it just seemed inconsistent.


Speaking of the powerful lady witch, I was pretty disappointed that she was killed so easily. Considering that she could conjure and control fire, and fed on the ashes of human hearts, I wouldn’t have thought even a large explosion would have kept her down for good. Up until that point I had been quite afraid of her, considering Ichabod’s powerful wife couldn’t permanently kill her, but Abbie and Ichabod could with relative ease.





Obviously Abbie’s sister is going to factor into the show fairly soon. The question is whether she will be an antagonist or join the side of good. Or both. And it is only a matter of time before Ichabod attempts to release Katrina from her prison between the worlds. Personally, I am not particularly excited about this prospect, but it could be interesting to see how it would change the dynamics between the two leads if his wife shows up in the modern day. What do you think?


Highlight: While the relationship between Abbie and Ichabod continues to be one of my favourite things on TV, I figure I should say something different in this section each week. So, I’d have to say that the disorienting opening shot effectively set the tone for the rest of the episode.


Written by Aislinn Kearns


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Hi Aislinn - Considering I had both episodes on in the background, your review has made me realize how much I missed - Thank you - All The Best - M