Revenge S1, Ep20 - Legacy

Revenge S1, Ep20 - Legacy


Show: Revenge

Episode: Season 1, Episode 20 - Legacy

Aired: Monday 8:30pm, July 9th 2012

Channel: Seven



For this week, because it was an episode-long flashback to before Amanda became Emily Thorne, I will refer to her for the entire review as Amanda Clarke. Confused yet? Let’s get started.

It’s 2002, and we see Amanda in a club where she attacks a man. Someone drags her out of the club and into a limousine with Nolan. He’s adamant about sticking to his promise to her dad that he’d look after her, and wants her to spend her money on something other than self-destruction. He realises she hasn’t read her father’s journals yet and urges her to. The Graysons have received a threatening note that just says, “Shame”. They decide to invite everyone who was involved in the David Clarke conspiracy to a New Year’s Eve party so Frank can figure out who the author is. Amanda visits the Stowaway and we see Jack and a tiny Declan moving into the bar. Jack is dating the bartender, Kyla, and doesn’t pay any attention to Amanda.

Amanda breaks into her old house and we get a flashback to her childhood as her father left for the New Years Eve party at the Graysons with her ‘Uncle’ Bill. Camped out, Amanda reads through the journals – she reads of a player we haven’t met yet, a Roger Halsted. Lydia and Michael arrive at the Graysons, revealing they’re in the market for a holiday home in the Hamptons. They have put in an offer for David’s old house but apparently the company that owns the house isn’t taking offers. Kyla asks for her shift off so she can work for the catering company at the Grayson New Year’s party, but Carl Porter won’t let her. Jack reveals that his father had to sell their house because they’re broke. Amanda asks Kyla if she can take the catering gig.

Victoria goes to the Clarke house and finds an old photo of David lying on the floor. In a flashback, we see the first meeting between David and Victoria. Conrad brings her back to the present and Victoria shows him the photo, telling him someone has been in the house. Conrad tells her they’re selling the place and she has to get over David. Behind the stairs, Amanda has heard everything. Amanda recognises Leo Treadwell but pretends it’s because she’s his biggest fan. He gives Victoria the photo of Clarke in jail. Amanda realises the entire guest list was involved in the conspiracy. Roger asks to be placed in the corner and for a bottle of bourbon to be brought out to the pool house. Nolan comes to the stowaway and hits on Kyla, and he and Jack meet.

Amanda gives Roger a bottle of bourbon and asks him about her father, revealing who she is. She tells him about the journals and David’s claim of being innocent. She confronts him, asking him for support in her aim to make sure those involved get what they deserve. In a flashback, we see David saying goodnight to Victoria so he can get home to watch the Ball Drop with Amanda. He tells her of his wife’s death and she invites him for brunch the next day. Nolan realises his company was the one who bought the house off Carl Porter. Frank speaks to Conrad about his suspicions of Roger. Conrad tells Lydia that she’ll get the Clarke house and Lydia confesses she’s in love with Conrad. They start their affair.

Roger slips Amanda a note and Frank leads him off for a private talk. Nolan apologises for buying the Porter house but Carl reveals he had to give up the house or the bar anyway: he didn’t want to come clean to his kids that their mother turned up a month ago to ask for a divorce and half of everything without even asking about her children. Frank asks Roger about the “shame” note but Roger swears he didn’t send it. Amanda arrives to give him some aspirin but Frank sends her back to the party. Conrad announces to the party that Lydia and Michael will be moving in next door. Kyla kisses Nolan at midnight causing Jack to punch Nolan and break up with Kyla. Amanda reads the note Roger slipped her. Going to his room, she finds him dead in the bathtub, constructed to look like a suicide.

Roger is taken away in a body bag and Victoria wonders why there was no suicide note. Victoria discovers that Treadwell was the one who sent the note, trying to drum up more interest in his novel. Amanda tells Nolan about Roger’s death and he reminds her that David wanted her to forgive them and move past this. He tells her she’ll never get close enough to bring the Graysons down and expose them. Amanda gets her infinity tattoo and reads the note from Roger again, where he promised he’d help her expose the conspiracy. In 2012, Amanda gets ready for the New Year’s Eve party at the Graysons.

Thoughts on the Episode

This seems not only out of order in the episodes but it brings up an issue for me with ‘Justice’, the episode a couple of weeks back. In that episode, Amanda was shocked to find out the Graysons were willing to murder to cover their tracks, yet this episode suggests she knew years ago that they had killed to protect their secret.

The death wasn’t a surprise either; we knew Roger wasn’t going to make it, mainly because we’ve been introduced to everyone by this point and he clearly isn’t around in present time. It also gave us no new information – so this week we’ll be skipping the ‘what did we find out’ section. The only real thing this episode did was remind me that Lydia is still alive and missing. Does this mean she might return before the season is out or did they just realise it would be odd not to have her present with all the other foes?

Some other small problems I had; ‘In Da Club’, which is playing at the beginning in the club in 2002, wasn’t released until January 2003. Maybe I’m the only one compulsive enough for that to annoy but how hard is it to check when a song was released? It still seems the only TV show with talented child actors is Game of Thrones; the flashback episode reminded me how much I dislike the little Amanda. Also adding guilt to Nolan’s side of his friendship with Jack tainted it in a way I didn’t want to know, I liked their friendship as it was. Overall, it was a filler episode that was not executed well. This is the weakest Revenge episode yet.

If you picked up anything in the episode to hint at what’s to come, let us know below (but for those ahead overseas, please no spoilers).



Written by Libby Popper


Date 08/12/2013

By emargoFoors

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