Public statement regarding April Fools news post

Public statement regarding April Fools news post


Dear valued readers,

It has come to our attention that a certain news piece published on our website gathered quite a bit of attention. In fact, our servers showed signs of an impending crash due to large numbers of traffic from various sources, all linking into the aforementioned piece of news.

What story was this, you say? Well, it delivered the news of Microsoft turning their much discussed Xbox LIVE Gold subscription into a mostly-free service on July 1st, with online gameplay being the primary feature now to be free of charge, but with additional features such as Facebook, YouTube and Crackle still requiring a Gold subscription to make use of.

We did not realize that this news story would gather such attention, and we were not properly prepared for it. You see, today is April 1st. Yes, April Fools Day. We were under the impression that as soon as people seen or heard this news, that given its completely unbelievable nature it would be disregarded as an ‘April Fools Joke’. Oh how we were wrong...

For the hours after its publication, our website was not only littered with traffic, but also a lot of hate. We received angry messages when people who had at first believed this reveal soon discovered its degree of truth. Perhaps it’s because they shared it on their Facebook pages. Perhaps it’s because they shared it on the forums of popular gaming or tech websites. Perhaps it’s because they made YouTube videos about this news. Perhaps it’s because we simply turned them into April ‘Fools’ when they started quoting this news around the internet.

Please note that this was never our intention. We whole heartedly admit to deceiving you good people with this news post, but only because we didn’t realize it was going to be so huge or taken so seriously or with so much spite. Also, I would like to note that Microsoft and any of its subsidiaries were not involved in this prank in any way, shape or form. It was entirely on us.

So please, before you light your torches, wield your pitchforks or take to the streets demanding our blood any more, please accept this big, heartfelt and completely truthful


Thank you for taking this joke too far!

Thank you for telling your friends!

Thank you for spreading the word around the internet!

Thank you for getting us so much damned attention and stressing out our hosting servers!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for visiting Sticky Trigger Entertainment, where we bring you all the news, reviews, articles and freebies on everything in our fine industry. We’re just starting, but rest assured we’re here for the long run, so stick around and please, enjoy our website.


Kind Regards,

Twin & Lax
Sticky Trigger Entertainment Owners