Laid S2, Ep2

Laid S2, Ep2


Show: Laid

Episode: Season 2, Episode 3

Aired: Wednesday, 9th of May, 2012

Channel: ABC


One thing I adore about Laid is that it's really not afraid to push the envelope, without it being a social satire. Of recent years, I know at least personally, the comedy shows I've begun to adore, are those which push the bounds of moral decency and also make light of some social issues, Laid is pure narrative and character developed and rarely has to make any pop culture references to cover for any missing jokes.

The second episode solidifies this with focusing on the relationships and interactions between Roo, Zach, Jan and of course, Marcus. The writing has started to escalate as Fischer and Hardy have started to up the gross factor but also have a great setup for a B plotline that is slowly starting to unravel.

The addition to more scenes with Jan (Deborah Kennedy) has shown how powerful her character is to the show. She came across as just a one off character in the end of the first series, but she's fantastic and suits the show so perfectly and I just wish there was more awkward banter between her and Jan to round out the show.

Leaving off from the awkward interaction between Marcus, Roo and Charlie, the dialogue that opens this episode with between Roo and Charlie was amazing. Other than how the relationship was paced in the first series, I thought his death at the end of the first season would have been just fine but he is integral to Roo's world and actually gives her something to fight for in this series.

It's actually fantastic to see the show testing Roo's faith with the situation, even more so than the first series. The discussion Charlie and her have really makes sure the audience is aware there is so much more at stake other than just Roo's killer vagina being fixed. But like I said before the most important part of the show is the relationships, characters and how they interact.

Zach's quest for being the new Jesus continues but with less credibility than the first episode. His delusions are now bordering on just complete comedic insanity but is slowly starting to settle properly into the world of Laid. The show lives in a world of logical discussions, despite the absurd premise, this is something I fell in love with the show originally and Zach's pilgrimage which combats E.J's main problem (so far) to find out if they will wed. The conversations between Zach and EJ are not particularly escalating and will hopefully be the climax of the series, much like in the first season. When the B Plot begins to intertwine with Roo's problems, again, much like season one, the comedy and problems begin to get a bit crazier.

However, a new problem has emerged when Zach meets Marcus Dwyer for the first time. The more the characters interact with Marcus the better the show gets. It is honestly hard to look at the sores on Dwyer's face and hearing his raspy voice through his mustard and baked bean teeth without imagining the show without him. Damon Herriman is fantastic yet again and proves to be more slimy and manipulative than in the first episode. Young Marcus' flashback is a perfect origin story as well as a beautifully shot. Forsythe's directing and whoever is doing the editing and camerawork on that show is beyond fantastic.

Marcus mentoring Zach is a hilarious case of the blind leading the blind, but Hardy and Fisher's writing has set up such ambiguity on whether Marcus is the real thing and Zach's delusional quest is perfect that they have something for him to do this season and really hope it turns into something.

The writing almost sounds a bit like an overly sexual Heroes fan fiction, not knocking the show at all, but the introduction of powers, while a bit far-fetched is a great addition to the story. Seeing the mythos of Zach and Marcus formed is a great moment and frankly two of the best scenes of the series so far. Hardy's writing is a lot more clever and dirtier than the first episode. The discussion and interaction between EJ, Jan and Marcus is wonderfully written and some absolutely frightening noises may have ruined my imagination till next week's episode.

The recent addition of Roo's Dad on the couch is a perfect set up for more disturbing interactions later on, however, I wasn't entirely convinced by it. His introduction was not unwelcome but I really would have love to see the interaction between Marion and him, but I hope it was cut for time rather than just a way to kickstart him into the EJ, Roo and Zach living space.

Again, I have to give props to Abe Forsythe and the cinematographers on the show for making each scene particularly colourful or pale. But the best moment has to be the sex scenes and reveal shots, which are shot with such intimacy and focus, without revealing anything at all.

The episode is darker, funnier and much better than the premiere episode. I am ready to lay back, like Charlie, and let the rest of the series unfold. The show just continues to get dirtier and funnier and I wholeheartedly accept how crazy and wild the show gets, even if that means Roo has to live in Saudi Arabia in hijab for the rest of her life or being recruited by ASIO.


Written by HE