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Humans As Animals EUKARIA 0

Eukaria – Humans as Animals

It has been a long time since I’ve heard an act as original as Humans as Animals. I don’t mean that their style of music is original, but it is the way they present...

Nussy_EP_FA 0

Nussy – Nussy

Our generation (by that I mean anyone born after, say, 1980) is constantly being dubbed the generation of entitlement. Why can’t we have this? Why don’t we have this? We deserve this. While, to...

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The coolest ‘job’ in the world

Photo by Tim Da-Rin   All you need is a persistent attitude, any old dSLR and access to a computer.   Shooting live music used to be a legitimate profession. In fact, being a...

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Bombs Away – Sheppard

A band consisting of siblings isn’t a new concept to the industry with Oasis, HAIM, and Kings Of Leon all following this formation. But something that is new in the realm of music is...