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Madonna set to tour Australia!

The Queen of Pop is reported to be bringing  her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour to Australia. That’s right… Madonna is coming to Australia! It’s the first time since 1993’s The Girlie Show tour that the...

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What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

“However the heart of the band is definitely still there, and there is some quality to be had out of this LP, you just have to skim through to find it, which is something we’ve never had to do before but it’s still worth doing.”

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Alien Isolation DLC ‘Lost Contact’ out now!

“You didn’t come here for spook stories? Well, you’re out of luck, sweetheart, because you’ve just landed smack in the middle of one.” – Axel   Sega announced today that ‘Lost Contact’, Alien: Isolation’s...

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Defeater Announce Australian Tour

Boston punk/hardcore band Defeater have announced an Australian tour this May/June. The tour will be the first run of shows after a long absence from touring. Front man Derek Archambault received a hip replacement...