Water On Mars Renders ‘The Martian’ Semi Obsolete

Yesterday, the world was gifted with the amazingly mind-boggling news from NASA that there is, in fact, water on Mars. While it’s not the life on Mars that David Bowie probably had his finger crossed for, the discovery of water on Mars is an incredible step forward not only for the team at NASA but for mankind as a whole as we could very well be on the right track to finding out whether or not we’re alone in the universe.

On the much smaller scale, however, the news has implications for the plot of the upcoming blockbuster film The Martian as it follows the story of Astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) who is presumed dead by his crew and left behind on planet Mars. Alone in a harsh, volatile, and largely unpredictable environment with enough supplies to last him approximately fifty days, the Astronaut has to use his skills to keep himself alive long enough to get a signal back to Earth which, incidentally, involves growing food on a planet that had previously been thought to be as dry as a mouthful of Milo.

Now that water has been discovered on the red planet, the plot of The Martian is a little out of date mere days from its cinema release.

The Martian crew are being good sports about the whole thing, though, with the fictional lead character making a celebratory tweet from The Martian Movie Twitter page (@MartianMovie).


Regardless of NASA’s announcement, the film is speculated to be a ripper of a Box Office hit with various studies (including Twentieth Century Fox) pegging it to gain over $40 million in its opening weekend. They’re probably not wrong, either – check out the trailer below and see it in all its Martiany glory!

The Martian is out tomorrow (01/10/2015) in cinemas around Australia.





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