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Quest For Infamy

Retro Gamer, Anime nerd, movie buff, comic guy and music nut all rolled into one grizzled, but yet constantly smiley package. Can be found either flicking through back issues at the local comic shop, plugging away at my Sega Master System or having a few drinks with mates over a match or 50 of Street Fighter 4.

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  1. Lambonius

    Thanks for the thoughtful review! Just FYI, there is a separate setup file (winsetupQFI.exe) in the game directory that allows you to adjust graphics options, including being able to play in full-screen. One of the unfortunate quirks of the particular game engine we used (Adventure Game Studio) is that it does not allow for in-game tweaking of graphic options.

    1. Tim

      Ah great! ill get onto that right away! Cheers for the comment and thanks for keeping the past alive guys, 🙂

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