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Reviews for videogames on various platforms.

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Shovel Knight

At a glance, Shovel Knight is a classic gamer’s dream come true.  Independent developer Yacht Clubs dream of bringing the 8 bit dream of Shovel Knight to fruition via Kickstarter in 2013 has now...

Racing fans... Start your engines!
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GRID Autosport

  Steve McQueen once quoted that “anything in life other than racing is just…waiting.” Budding virtual racers around the world have been waiting over half a year for a new season of motorsport madness...

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Worms Battlegrounds

  There was a time in my youth where I was a Worms addict. I spent countless hours on the PlayStation 1 version of the first Worms game, creating epic rivalries between my friends...

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Final Fantasy III (Steam)

  Nostalgia is a funny thing. It makes everything seem wonderful. You wonder why TV shows aren’t the same as when you were a kid or how horrible pop stars are today compared to...

Nick checks out the Destiny alpha release.  Check out his comprehensive review here! 0

Destiny – Alpha first look

Gamers are passionate and intelligent people, and because of this, we quite often know what games we like and don’t like. Gamers will often try to refer their friends to a certain game, only...

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Mario Kart 8

Hold on to your shells ladies and gentlemen because Mario Kart 8 is here and it’s one hell of a ride. The Wii U has been given its iteration of this classic Nintendo franchise...